Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Final photos of leaded glass skylight .. installed this week... Beautiful!

Here are final photos of the installed leaded glass skylight. I have blogged this project from initial design, changes, through the build process, the polishing and now the final install.  I know... So Exciting!  Well this is the most beautiful skylight panel to date and so global.  Bevels from the UK, German New Antique and Cathedral, Czech Jewels...Canadian Metal and amazing Canadian talent....
Again.. we definitely LOVE what we design and build...  Here are the final pics...comments welcome!
Sunlight Dancing through the bevels.. Glassworks Studio MISSISSAUGA!

Leaded Custom skylight by Glassworks Studio, Mississauga.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leaded and Bevelled Skylight panels on the Table and ready for installation... So Beautiful. this is another day at the studio....  simply loving what we do...  Amanda and I are walking around with big smiles as we look at these skylights... 2 skylights with a total combined number of 18 individual panels...   And so beautiful....Here is a picture summary of our creative process.... 

Initial planning...


coming up with the concept.

Having an awesome time building
the panels in studio..

Final Product.. " Beautiful Bevels, glass, design and build."
Glassworks Studio Mississauga CANADA.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Custom Leaded Glass Skylight Center Panel....NICE!

Custom Designed, Custom Bevels, Jewels in 30mm and 50mm, GNA and GC.   See the it's entirety each skylight will be nine panels....  Amanda glazed every point of contact between glass and metal...crazy strong...  and we are in love with another of our projects again..  It so funny " I just cannot stop looking at it," she said.   Yes I agree this  is beautiful...cannot wait for the install next week.
Skylight Center Panel by Glassworks Studio March 2014.
Indian Grove Project, Mississauga.

Amazing Leaded Glass Skylights.. the process continues... close to completion of these beautiful skylight panels..  Each build has a total of 9 sections.  Well the build is almost done.. today we are polishing and cleaning and the same on Monday.  Custom Bevels (as you can see) GNA, Czech Jewels, and German Cathedral.. aka.. Beautiful.

Perimeter leaded panels for skylight pre-polish.
by  Glassworks Studio for Shyamora Fine Homes.

Interior Section of Leaded Glass Skylight.
Glassworks Studio 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beautiful Custom Leaded Doorlite created for Amazing Build in South Mississauga.

This week we delivered to site an elegant leaded glass panel for the entry of a Beautiful Fine Home built in South Mississauga. I have to admit..  it was a really tight fit...mainly because of the resealing that was required on this unit...  thankful to some amazing installers on this project that knew exactly what to do.. and here are the pictures to show off this beautiful home and of course our process...

Leaded Glass Initial Concept, Shyamora Fine Homes 2014.

Tempered Thermal Leaded Glass Unit, Glassworks Studio 2014

Installed.. Leaded Glass sealed in Tempered Thermal Unit
for Shyamora Fine Homes, Mississauga Project 2014

Glassworks Studio, CANADA
905 362 0417

Ok...yes We Do Create " Amazing Leaded Glass for our clients...." at Glassworks Studio Toronto!

Great feedback from our amazing clients...

"The living room clerstory windows and the 6 custom windows you designed and created for the end of the formal hallway all look fabulous. Thank you so much!!!!"  Oakville Project, 2014.

Amazing, unique, and Fabulous Decorative Stained and Leaded Glass is what we create for our clients.  Whether you are looking for privacy,  to add a unique and creative detail to your space,  OR just some Bling...lets talk glass.

Here is part of our creative process...some pictures of our process...   you can see where we are going.... simply stated ...."GLASS PERFECTION!"
We love what we do!

Initial Design Detail for Kolbe Window Gallery Oakville,  Project 01- 2014. Glassworks Studio.


Leaded Glass Window on cleaning table, Glassworks Studio

During installation on site in Oakville. WOW!

Glassworks Studio Mississauga
905 362-0417

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leaded Glass Transoms X 5... Glassworks Studio this week..

Every table at the studio is busy...whether we are making custom bevels, cutting the glass for the next leaded panel, building and glazing panels or applying the patina and polish...everywhere is go, go .. go! And I must admit I love it.. this craziness.  One might think by Friday we would all be exhausted but no...  Friday was a great day from the early morning start (7am) to the finish... (7pm)

Today I walked through an amazing site I was at 2 years ago.. well it is almost ready for us...first up will be interior doors...  then exteriors, transom windows and the entry...  This project will be worked on at a methodical pace.. with other projects being worked on during the entire process..  The largest build I have worked on ..  unmatched with the quality of the work that has been and is in the process of being completed..  Amazing architectural design, planning and thought...  Simply beautiful..  Great owners ...  this is why I love the process.  Lots of pictures to come in the next few months and over the next few years.

This week ..we shipped 21 windows to be sealed...  another great build in Burlington... these are being sealed with Cardinal 366 and argon to meet their requirements.  We completed the layout for a new entrance for South Mississauga Project...and We  completed the layout and built leaded transom windows for our Hamilton Project.. (the interior door lites are already at this site since before Christmas)  Here is a pic of initial plans and some of the panels on the table being polished.

Design Layout for Transom Windows, Glassworks Studio 2014

Leaded transom windows being cleaned and polished, Glassworks Studio.
One of the interior door panels, Glassworks Studio :)

Enjoy the weekend...