Friday, October 9, 2015

Many Interior door inserts for the custom build in South Mississauga, Glassworks Studio Toronto CANADA

We completed many panels in this beautiful custom build. Cabinet inserts, interior butler doors and even triple IGUs for the wine cellar.  All aspects of this house flow...unified with little nuances tied together.  Beautiful...   Look for yourself.  I love this entire space!

Completion of a Grand Entrance! Glassworks Studio Toronto

This week we completed the 2nd phase of this beautiful project we are proud to be part of.  The last section to go in was the third level of the leaded glass entry and as you can see we have no issues with heights.

These panels are pure in design flare.  Simplicity at its finest...demonstrating that sometimes the absolute strongest statement is understated. Glass selection was bevels, bevels and more bevels and the background is of course GNA.

Glassworks Studio is a custom design /build stained and leaded glass studio working in the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in functional art glass for residential applications.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Leaded Glass Interior Doorlites for King City Project... This week in studio...

This week is all about interior leaded doorlites.. for the study, the secondary kitchen and also the wine cellar. We are working in King City on this great project. It also includes a  new window in the Cabana that pulls the cut granite pattern from around the pool into this window design... It will be amazing with all different clears with texture to keep the privacy level high while adding depth and dimension to the panel.

Today our  bevels from the UK my dismay some of the profiles are slightly different from my old stock....  One doorlite of a pair was already built when my stock ran I had to perform surgery this moring -removing the central bevel detail on this first doorlite and then reassembling...  As crazy as this may seem.. so much fun...and a challenge. Loved it.

Here are pictures of the development of these doorlites...what you do not see is the operation that was later completed successfully.

Leaded Glass Interior Doorlites, Glassworks Studio 2015


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bevels, Bevels and more Bevels, Glassworks Studio Toronto CANADA

This week I am starting full scale layout for a project that will start 2016....These windows are for a historically noted  property in Toronto... that I have been given permission to recreated instead of reglaze the existing.  There are a total of 64 windows for this project and great way to start 2016 in 2015.  With extensive bevelling that needs to happen .. all parties including my friends in California are very happy.. maybe this will warrant a trip in the spring. :)

Here are some pictures of previously completed projects that show our capabilities when it comes to this type of work.  Custom designed, custom bevelled, custom built....this is what I love to do!

First is the front door insert we did for a client in Halifax Nova Scotia. Next is just showing the amazing difference when we run the beveller on Low Iron Glass (no green inflection.) absolutely stunning with crystal like clarity.   Last but definitely not least... is the project we did for "The Strain," when the filming was being done in Toronto.
Delbridge Project. destination: Halifax Nova Scotia
Glassworks Studio CANADA

Custom Bevelled Low Iron Glass, Glassworks Studio
"The Strain,"  Custom bevelled glass for Toronto Set. Glassworks Studio Toronto CANADA

Friday, April 24, 2015

"Ooh-La-La Lovely" ...Custom Bevelled and Leaded Glass by Glassworks Studio..

Inspired by a 16th century English Tudor Castle these leaded panels are for a grand modern kitchen...originally created for New Jersey kitchen designer Jim Dove. A graceful blend of modern and period elements for the 2012 showhouse at Glynallyn Castle in Morristown New Jersey.

My focus this afternoon is polishing these beautiful bevels before the panels are assembled... and I can not take my eyes off them... the hairs on my arms stand up as I look at the glass cut, clarity and beautiful..

Simply in design.. old world quality.. yet classy and elegant.  Everything that I love to do simply comes together with this project..

Here are some photos... Nothing like sitting on the cutting table Friday afternoon eating lunch and looking at some amazing glass..sit back and enjoy.. k
Customs Bevels at the studio today...Glassworks Studio Toronto 2015

All glass 1/4 clear with  1/2" Bevel, GWS 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sidelites with a clean contemporary feel.. with bevels and jewels just because... Glassworks Studio

Here are some photos of the sidelites that were completed in studio this week. Now we are waiting for the tempered glass and the LoE to arrive so that they can be sealed into thermals..  These sidelites are "long and lean" measuring  8 7/8 x 92 3/4".  I know they have a contemporary feel... to me I just think "timeless!"  Functional and beautiful art glass...  I love these!

Custom leaded glass sidelites by Glassworks Studio 2015

Beautiful Jewels in these sidelites...Glassworks Studio. 2015
Mississauga Ontario CANADA

Monday, April 6, 2015

The beginning of a skylight! Glassworks Studio, Leaded and Stained glass in the GTA.

Glassworks Studio is located in Mississauga Ontario CANADA.

Its amazing... all skylights start the same....and then they evolve..  Glass Design starts and we move forward..  The plan for this house in King City is "Simple Elegance."  German Cathedrals,  custom bevels...and a little grey &  gold..

Old World Style...our specialty.