Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring is here...time for a change...sidelites..and a few leaded windows...

I began this week cleaning the studio...organizing the tools.. taking inventory...and moving glass into the new glass racks in the back space... The beveller arrived all fixed up.. and so we start...

The first of the family crests is off to a great start with all of the leaf work cut and foiled now...other sections are with my sandblaster having the names blasted into the cathedral glass so I can back paint them... 

Our exciting contemporary project in Oakville has had another adjustment as the sidelites have gone from 76" to 92" in height full scale layout is now complete...and ready to build...

And multiple cabinet inserts have been completed and delivered to their new home..  There just is not enough time in the day...and the days fly by... I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday again.

Here are a some pictures.. have a great weekend!
Full scale layout for sidelite panels, Oakville Project by Glassworks Studio 2015

Pearson Project, Leaded and Copperfoil Project by Glassworks Studio Mississauga.


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finished by 10 am ...picked up by noon....

Here is a transom panel that was really completed asap in the studio as of late...  Designed one morning...built...  polished and cleaned and taken home... Love it when our clients are as excited as we are!  Amazing leaded glass transom for Toronto Home... We love what we do!
custom leaded glass transom, Glassworks Studio Toronto 2015

Installation of a Beautiful Entrance...

Here is the initial concept detail for an entryway being built in the studio over the past few weeks...Double sided bevels, custom bevels and GNA... WOW!  We will be up three levels of scaffolding to complete this install... Exciting!
Custom leaded glass entryway, Glassworks Studio CANADA.

Beautiful and amazing artwork for these Family Crests!

This week we will be finishing up final artwork on these Family Crests for a fantastic project.. I am so excited to get started as these crests will utilize much of my glass knowledge and techniques.. sandblasting, back painting, fused glass powder sgrafitto technique, copper foil, and leading..WOW! I am so excited!  Here is the last artwork mock up... we will still be making a few changes... Of course!

Glassworks Studio Toronto, 2015.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Family Crests in the studio week.... its all about artwork and artglass!

This week we are starting up quite a few projects including the artwork for an Oakville Project...First stage is simplifying some of the details...  These panels (total of 6) will be installed quite high up so too much detail will just get lost in translation.... 

Here we are starting to work out the foliage to make it easier to cut but also to define the lines...

Looking great..and  "yes" this is simplified..   Leaded Glass @ Glassworks Studio...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Today in studio...Continuation of Transom window.... Beautiful! Glassworks Studio CANADA

Today the transom is being finished...well finished in terms of the assembly....tomorrow she will be cleaned and polished...Wednesday the sidelites and this beauty will will leave too be sealed in thermal units....  Here is a great photo Amanda took to show the "flow" of the Baroque background glass.. have to say...makes me smile..

Exact glass cutting and amazing glass selection.  Every piece of background glass is a continuation of the one prior... This is flow...   kudos to the photographer for also capturing the RED Glass from the studio door.

  Glass...  Glass.. Glass all around us!  Inspiring.. Here is the pic..
Transom window for Entranceway...70" x 36", Glassworks Studio Mississauga CANADA.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Starting 2015 with some awesome projects at Glassworks Studio, one beautiful entrance being built this week!

I have a great feeling about 2015.. there is just something about a fresh start that feels so great!  We have quite a few upcoming projects that we are so pleased to be part of...

This weekend we installed the first transom window of many that will go in this year....  I will keep you posted on the progress of this project as we complete each element...   bevels will be arriving soon... we completed the interior door panels last year... this transom went in today ...and next we tackle the entrance... "Timeless.. Understated... Old World Charm and Elegance." is all that is this beautiful home.

Interior Leaded Glass Transom Window, Glassworks Studio 2015

This week we also completed the leaded panels for a beautiful entryway for an Oakville Home.  These bevel sidelites and transom incorporate a little clear granite and a lot of clear baroque...  Check out the great cutting...all of the individual pieces of baroque flow together..  Each section of this project is cut from huge sheets of baroque...  The bevels were a few select clusters we were able to bring up from the States with also quite a few from our orphaned bevel box and then a few customs...  So beautiful!

Sidelites.. cut, leaded, patina and polish... Glassworks Studio 2015

Transom panel in Glassworks Studio Mississauga CANADA!