Sunday, July 13, 2014

Artworks Detail for Stained Glass Window....Glassworks Studio

This project is stunning.  Now complete but not photographed yet. Truly one of our projects whose function is the key reason for this panel's inception.  Sunlight....although we love can be blinding ....

Here is the pics to come!
Leaded Glass Panel,
Glassworks Studio

It is all in the details! Leaded Cabinet Inserts by Glassworks Studio.

These cabinet inserts are definitely two of a kind...  We took our artistic detail from beautiful tile that is highlighted in this custom kitchen....  As you can see there is nothing like them...Beautiful and functional art glass!
Leaded Glass Inserts by Glassworks Studio, Toronto.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Flower Power, " stained glass privacy panel installed picture...Glassworks Studio

Final installed pictures of one spectacular panel...18" × 42"....privacy panel for ensuite.  

Thank you for all the positive feedback on this project...from initial concept to final installed..We love it also...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Relaxing privacy panel...leaded glass, kiln fired bubbles, and some artistic flare!.. Glassworks Studio..Toronto.

This week we have been watching a few more projects finish up... Some amazing door lites with great clarity and bevels that blow your mind. (just because they are triple bevelled on both sides..)  A trillium panel for a great client we have worked for previously and some great privacy panels.  

And this panel... a beautiful water inspired privacy panel.. Focusing on the clients'  vision.... water, organic, fluid, free name a few details... full privacy required! 

So we came up with some designs and off we went...  Amanda fired the kiln a few times to create the "bubbles," using the glass that the leaded panel was created from...  NICE!  Every part of this panel flows beautifully and is created with the same glass ..cold worked and kiln fired.  SO COOL..  and custom bevels..  It is amazing how an already beautiful sheet glass seems to become "more so" once fired.. the colors are intensified and glossy!
 Here are the pics...

Amazing Leaded Glass Privacy Panel, Glassworks Studio Toronto 2014.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Final photos of leaded glass skylight .. installed this week... Beautiful!

Here are final photos of the installed leaded glass skylight. I have blogged this project from initial design, changes, through the build process, the polishing and now the final install.  I know... So Exciting!  Well this is the most beautiful skylight panel to date and so global.  Bevels from the UK, German New Antique and Cathedral, Czech Jewels...Canadian Metal and amazing Canadian talent....
Again.. we definitely LOVE what we design and build...  Here are the final pics...comments welcome!
Sunlight Dancing through the bevels.. Glassworks Studio MISSISSAUGA!

Leaded Custom skylight by Glassworks Studio, Mississauga.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leaded and Bevelled Skylight panels on the Table and ready for installation... So Beautiful. this is another day at the studio....  simply loving what we do...  Amanda and I are walking around with big smiles as we look at these skylights... 2 skylights with a total combined number of 18 individual panels...   And so beautiful....Here is a picture summary of our creative process.... 

Initial planning...


coming up with the concept.

Having an awesome time building
the panels in studio..

Final Product.. " Beautiful Bevels, glass, design and build."
Glassworks Studio Mississauga CANADA.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Custom Leaded Glass Skylight Center Panel....NICE!

Custom Designed, Custom Bevels, Jewels in 30mm and 50mm, GNA and GC.   See the it's entirety each skylight will be nine panels....  Amanda glazed every point of contact between glass and metal...crazy strong...  and we are in love with another of our projects again..  It so funny " I just cannot stop looking at it," she said.   Yes I agree this  is beautiful...cannot wait for the install next week.
Skylight Center Panel by Glassworks Studio March 2014.
Indian Grove Project, Mississauga.